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Services offered include

but are not limited to:

Full Room Renovations

  • Ready to make those Pinterest boards reality?  We are here to transform your bathroom, kitchen, master suites, family rooms, basements, etc. 

Project Management

  • Triple R Project Managers ensure that project objectives are attained on time and within budget, while practicing transparency.


  • Our team will safely demolish old or unsafe building structures. Fully assess building structures to determine the most efficient methods of demolition, establish exclusion zones, and remove hazardous materials before beginning demolitions.

Rough Framing

  • Our carpenters are skilled in the creation of a structure based on vertical components, known as studs, which provides a stable frame for interior and exterior wall coverings.


  • A properly built foundation will keep the home even and supported. Triple R will work closely with engineers and inspectors to ensure high quality foundation.


  • Triple R is experienced in laying wood, LVP, carpeting, tiles, concrete, and other types of flooring and ensuring that the flooring materials are well-positioned, secure, and clean. Topped off by completing the installation by applying appropriate finishes.


  • Our team will lay and set tiles to create decorative wall and floor designs. Showcasing expertise and fitting tiles around obstacles and openings by using hand and power cutting tools. Preparing, measuring and marking surfaces to be covered.


  • Our Project Manager will communicate with customers to assess their needs and carefully follow blueprints or plans for the deck. Additionally, Triple R will obtain the lumber for your project, using tools to complete the build, while measuring and cutting materials to build a sturdy deck.

Siding & Roofing

  • We provide customers with top quality roofers to install various types of roofing and siding on homes or commercial structures.


  • Our team will install trim, doors, window casings, etc. seamlessly. 

Drywall & Spackle

  • Our carpenters are skilled to measure and cut and install drywall panels to fit in and around specific spaces such as doors, windows, electrical outlets, and lighting fixtures. 


  • Our painting specialist applies prepares and cleans jobsites before applying various paint finishes to buildings, rooms, or other structures, including primers or sealers.


  • Experienced in removing old windows, taking measurements, and sealing fittings to installing new windows in homes and businesses. 

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